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Winter hunting plans?!

Winter is my favourite time of the year to hunt, might freeze ya ass off but there is bone to find and the young ones can fend for themselves.

What’s everyone else’s plans?!

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A week wallaby shooting next month round fairlie way maybe a chammy as well. Later than we normally go for some reason.

What rifle you using for the Wallabies?!

My trusty zastava 223, it has quite a few years experience at this, but tagging along as apprentice will be a 22 wrm

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Good combination right there.

Don’t see many of those Zastavas these days!

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Mt Urchin, Waipakihi river and hopefully up into Motutere next Thursday, counting down the days haha. Thinking of leaving the tent behind and use a fly/bivvy, thoughts? :joy:
First decent hunt since September last year.
If I can get my first stag ill be absolutely stoked, but ill be happy with a freezer filler.

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Why is winter your favorite time to hunt @NZGUNS?

Shorter days, stags in hard antler and hinds/does not with a fawn in tow mate.

Ooh next Thursday its on aye, you must be amping!

Yea man, im getting really excited now

Although keep looking at the weather, probably too soon to tell though

Whats everyone’s go too weather app?

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Yep weather so changeable down there.

I use these two.
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Hopefully its going to be good haha
We are just trying to think of a contingency plan if its looking no good around there

Hard to say. If it’s raining on the way in but looks to clear, you don’t get much better than that mate.

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Thats what we are hoping for, but if the weather looks rubbish all weekend we are thinking about going into Oamaru hut and hunting around that area, possibly even a fly fish. As a plan B to MT urchin

Oamaru would be a good second option. Easy walk and out. Good fishing up the Kaipo and some of the best bush staking around!

I’ve spent ALOT of time in there.

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Rusa, Sika, Rusa, Sika and maybe a south island Red mission in August weather dependent, before they begin to cast.

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The South…

Maybe next year for me!

I’ve got flights booked but looks highly likely there will be too much snow to get into the area we had planned to go.

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Yeh looks bleak down there right now…

You headin East or West?

feed her some 50grn Zmax-vmax loads and you will be impressed…they are an awesome wee rifle and mine particularly like a 50 grn loading…that said the bulk 50 pack from hornady with the 55grn projectile have impressed too.

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Canterbury mate, so east coast…

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