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What a great roar so far

Well the weather at least…sitting at home in the spa and I can hear stags going nuts across town about 3km as the crow flies from mine.

Wonder what’s happening in the bush…:thinking:

This year I had all of next week planned to take off and chase Sika in the Kaimanawa…maybe if they allow non essential travel I might get to hear one roar. Yes there is always next year but WTF.

Hope you are all enjoying ya lock down and wish you all the best when we are able to get out again…lets hope the Reds and Sika have some late cycling hinds…

Stay safe and stay the fuck at home


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Weather has been primo!

Yeh was supposed to be heading into the Kaipo next week too…

Winter will be busy in the hills this year.

Got the rusa yet but unsure if Te Urewera will be open by then?!