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Wanted: fixed scope

Hi, any quality fixed 4 or 6 scopes out there for sale? I’m particularly keen on one with a German 4 or 4A style reticle (or S&B A7). I like the euro style with short eye relief and wide FOV ie S&B, Kaps, Kahles, Zeiss etc. Cheers

Hi I have a 4x fixed power spare khales k4i
In mills
Amazing scope cost me $3300 brand new
How much do you think it’s worth ?

@Mark_Williamson Check this out mate!

Hey mate, I can imagine this would be amazing for what I would use it for. I’ve seen them for around $1500. I almost bought one… is it the circle dot reticle and does it have auto switch off illum?


It has the circle dot yes, I used it for service rifle competition
The dial on left side turns the red dot on and off, I not sure if it’s automatic off or not.
It is amazing glass but not much use for it these days
$1500 probably fair can use money for other gun shit lol

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