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Varminting rifles

In an effort to get as much trigger time as I can, while also doing my bit for conservation, I have been doing quiet a bit of rabbit shooting with a few different rimfires (.17HMR & 22LR) as well as my Sako A1 .222.

Although the trebly is more costly to run when compared to the rimfires, I’m enjoying the ability to sit back out to 200m+ and kill rabbits with some authority.

I’d be keen to see other users rifles and experiences!

I’ve moved mostly to using a 223 now especially now I’m shooting a lot at night with an nv scope and thermal imager.
I find the nv gives no depth or distance perception and estimating range resulted in epic fails with the 22 and 22 magnum.
Like you now I don’t have to worry out to 200 yards. It took a bit of getting used to going spotlighting without any lights though. :joy:
I discovered belmonts 55 gr frangible and that’s probably the best rabbit and hare ammo around others must have as well as its just gone up $100 per thousand but its still cheap shooting and based on its sucess rate even more so.
I carry a spare mag with sturdier stuff just in case something big turns up.
The 22s occasionally come out but not a lot anymore.

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223 with 50grn zmax and 22-250 with 55grn Vmax work rather well on hares…and if hit in front end there is still enough backstrap left for dinner. looking at figures it appears being zeroed 1" high at hundy is pretty much best option for me…its point n shoot to 200 without needing to hold under or over at all.
got small reserve 20ish hectares with rabbit proof fence around it…trying to get the last few from inside it is a long running battle,I can go months without seeing a thing,have taken 3 hares and rabbitthis month and know there are at least 2 hares left…

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managed another hare tonight,and spotted two more right on dark… excuse to head out again…just when I think Im reaching the last one…

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100 bucks for a thousand rounds is great pricing!

Yeh the 22 Cal. centrefires just do the job so well and like you say Mark, you can shoot centre of mass on rabbits and get clean kills.

1" high at 100m and you’re good to go! Nice work on the hares Milky!

just to keep balance… I still get great satisfaction in knocking over those smart/stupid bunnies on the edge of the 60m shooting zone with a 50 year old Remington single shot .22 suppressed. it’s always an irresistible shot to take. love the centrefires too of course!

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Fair call! Always a good challenge stalking in close with the 22s!

should never have sold my Remington single…dead simple bolt and had to pull cocking lever back…model 33 I THINK it was…one screw on forend and it came apart from stock so would fit in pack…shot literally thousands of animals with it.
it preferred the Winchester superspeed to powerpoint…had to keep action wet /damp with oil…if it got dry every 200 or so rounds the unburnt powder would go up frightening crap out of me and scorching face.

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Nice. I’ve always been fond of single shot rifles. Dad had a Harrington & Richardson Topper with a 22 Hornet and 20g barrel. Was a great combo.

That unburnt powder scenario sounds ‘entertaining’!

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small porky pig and 6 hares for 9 rounds of 22-250 the other afternoon…55grn winchester factory load exited far side of 15lb pig…rather impressed with that,figured it wouldve come apart internally and made huge mess…rather chuffed it didnt…dressed out,the pig fitted in 6 bread bags…not huge by any means…he wont be rooting up dairy farm paddocks again…now to get his 2 siblings then I can call myself the big bad wolf LOL.

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