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Using a shooting sling

I found a free ebook that gives a pretty good run down on using a sling for shooting.

Slings are far from perfect but offer some advantages over a bipod or rest and can serve as more than just a carry strap.

Download page,

If that doesn’t work here’s the main page. The book is free but you will have to go through the checkout process.


Cool thanks, Nathan Foster also talks about it in his books, I use the technique a little but don’t get out as much as i’d like. Will be cool to see what this guy has to say.


Thanks for the link bro!

Myself an good mate done the North Island Crosshairs long range course in Feb.
Part of it was classroom work.
How to use slings,packs and even your mate was shown .
Really opens your eyes.
Makes me wonder how many deer I have missed because lack of knowledge on options

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