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Tripod for hunting

Hey team

I brought a lumix FZ80 for learning to take picture of animals and doubling as a spotting scope, I made the rubbish decision to buy a super cheap super light weight tripod. Needless to say you get what you pay for :joy:

Does anyone have any suggestions of what tripod to get or what to look for when buying a tripod, or is anyone selling one?


Manfrotto make very good tripods, I have this one and it works well. Light, sturdy and compact.

What I don’t like about it is the hybrid pistol grip/thumb wheel that you use to move the camera.

I find it frustrating when you are trying to lock in on an object and use the thumb wheel to fix the position as it seems to keep needing a tweak to get it pointing exactly where you want it.

My next one, I’ll be going back to a stick handle/twist to tighten model.

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I never thought about going down to Harvey Norman and playing with them all. The one i got was $30 and weighed like 600g :joy: not surprised it broke before even making it into the hills

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