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Suppressor thoughts?

I’m looking to get myself a suppressor my my 30-06 but it has iron sights.
Its already threaded beyond the iron sight and i have a detachable muzzle break on… but its obnoxiously loud and dont like walking around with ear muffs on. I dont even like shooting the bloody thing now without hearing protection!

So, whats are peoples thoughts on a muzzle forward suppressors. any brands to avoid? good ones?

Light and effective as it’s not the type of gun you fire long strings from I’m guessing is what you are after.
DPT non magnum would be my choice. It will add a bit of length but it will save yourhearing and make you more socially acceptable at a range.

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pretty sure waitaki engineering do muzzle forward too…but will be heavier than DPT… the DPT is a great unit over barrel…cant see their muzzle forward being any less effective… you COULD stalk tight bush with just thread cap…but if your like me…old n stubborn…you will just slow down some more and suck up the extra length…just been out bush stalking today with 21" .308 with suppressor fitted…so overall length is about 26’’ barrel now…didnt really notice the extra length…Ive got used to it.
I understand what you saying about dont like to shoot without suppressor anymore…Im the same now. only the shotguns get to ping my ears now and the long barrels sure do help.

oh and muzzle breaks just give me the screaming poohs…loudeners I call them. you could talk nicely to engineering buddy and make up a muzzle break to similar diamentions WITHOUT slots…so would look like old TOZ .22lr it wont make it quieter than bare but SHOULD have same POI as muzzle break…
browning did this with their BOSS system as they were terribly painful to fire without doubled up ear protection when they had porting.

Agree with the others, DPT cans are very good.


Looks like i will be checking this out. Thanks team!
Protecting the hearing is my main concern and also that i dont like wearing ear muffs walking around/I cant get them on quick enough most of the time!

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