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SLR Elephant gun

Any of the old and bold on here use the SLR?

NZSAS Trooper with an SLR

Modified SLR’s

"The 7.62 mm SLR was a noisy beast which didn’t go bang, it went boom! It was often referred to as ‘the elephant gun’ by the Diggers. “I had seen a guy hit with an SLR through a rubber tree and I thought that was pretty Impressive—so I liked that.”

“When you look back it was cumbersome to be a scout with that weapon, but it was all right. It was good in a shit fight.”

“The SAS patrol SLRs were converted to automatic by the squadron armourer, who also removed the flash eliminator to shorten the weapon’s length: They were pretty nasty weapons. It creates a long flame. You could shoot and cauterise the wound at fifteen paces!”

"We wanted to put a lot of tracer into the magazines so that—from the bad guys’ point of view—they could see a lot of tracer coming at them, as well as the noise of having a lot coming at them. They could physically see the tracer which gave the impression that we had more firepower.”

Nev Farley ran through his patrol’s SOP on the initial burst of fire: “Most of the blokes carried a 30-round magazine on their weapon. Because the idea was that when you had a contact, you deliberately fired as much ammunition as you could, and if you had those bloody SLRs on fully automatic, firing a 30-round magazine, and if the flash eliminator was taken off it, you would think, ‘Fuck! What have I hit here?’ Because it sounded heavy, and fast, and automatic, and it would just make old Charlie think,‘ Shit, I’ve hit something big here’ and it would stop them, rather than race in and try to take you out. Because they think they have hit so much firepower, it’s at least a bloody company, and by that time we’ve got ourselves on a back bearing and fucked off out of there. It’s pretty bloody scary when five blokes all open up at once. There’s a lot of noise and if you’ve got three SLRs on fully automatic with a 30-round magazine, shit flies everywhere.”

From the book “On Patrol with the SAS, Sleeping with your ears open.” By GARY McKAY.

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Had my time hauling one of those round, personally loved it, great rifle.
Later on I bought one and used it for hunting.

That would have been a beast to lug around the bush, lol.

We used them a little doing maritime security and just remember them as being very long compared to bullpups or M4s.

It was good to hang a billy on , didn’t have to get to close to the fire :slight_smile:
Yeah way too big for the bush, used it in open country from a vehicle, was fun .

I dont believe they mentioned that during our training :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The SLR is pure style. I got to shoot one years ago at some Air Force open day up in AKL.

I got to be quite good with one. Maybe heavy compared with the m16 the sigs and officers carried but nice to shoot and felt solid and reassuring.
Truckloads better as a combat rifle than the m1 garand or m14.
Best we don’t mention the heavy barrel version though.
We feel nostalgic about it as it was the first semi our troops were issued with starting in malaya. Its dated now and possibly was even when it was adopted.
If the yanks hadn’t interfered the em 2 may have been adopted along with its revolutionary cartridge but they played the bully and insisted on 30 cal and end up with the m14. Served them right! They would have been much happier with the fn or the em 2.

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Looking at the new developments in 6.5, .277 Fury etc it makes me wonder where we would now be if the EM2 project had been continued.

I suspect we lost 40 years of development due to the Americans head in the sand stance in the 50s.
Prove me wrong people. :blush: