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Shot size, feral pigeon

Hi all.
I have the opportunity to do some pigeon shooting. Given they are about the same size as a magpie I was thinking about using 7 1/2 shot, 28g loads (eg: trap ammo).

perfect…dont miss the first ones…they go back and tell the rest.
they eat rather well too. Ive shot them with just about any shotsize over the years…if you can find their roost they can be rather easy.

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Splendid! Going to lower myself to buying factory ammo. It’s been an awfully long time since I did that! Hull Sporting 100 with the fibre wad so I don’t litter the cocky’s property.

Anything high velocity! Pigeons are extremely maneuverable…

What is this ‘high velocity’ you speak of? The Cast Bullet Kid knows not of such.


Anything in the 1500 fps and above range.

From slowest to fastest:

And from cheapest to most ‘expensivest’!

Jeff…you sound like a 75-15-10 mix, type of fella…oh that is just so much more fun than this modern stuff.
try totara instead of willow.