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Scenic Photography

Post up your all your favourite scenic photos here!

Okay, this is a scenic photograph of the Malvern Rifle Range.
I like the dramatic skyscape.
Hope you like it.

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Good depth on that mate, nice!

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Nice. Phone or an actual camera?

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Here we go. From my deck. It encourages me to go for a motorbike ride when it’s like that in the morning.

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Yeh that is bike riding weather for sure. What do you ride?!

I had to look it up.
Phone, Xiaomi Pocophone F1, f/1.9 1/3048 sec, 4mm focal length.

Phone cameras are so good that I rarely carry a traditional camera.

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BMW F800GT, and a Yamaha r3.

R3 will hopefully be sold this year, it served its purpose. BMW is a lot more capable than it looks.

Toying with the idea of a triumph 765 street tripple.

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Yeh they are, this is from my Samsung S9. Some post processing in Adobe LR but the original quality is very good.

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A few from here and there.


Awesome photos bro!

Here are a couple of my favourites.

South Opuha, Two Thumb Range, Aug 2014

Thunderbolt Stream, Southern Kaimanawas, Apr 2017

Spion Kop, Kaweka Ranges, Jul 2017


Tekapo Tahr hunt 2015


Tekapo 2015 great times


This is the view off my deck last June - I can feel the weather is starting to get chilly again. I did this with my phone. There were a few deer in the back paddock this morning, so will try and get them with a long lens tomorrow :slight_smile:


Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

Yep cold mornings inbound, can’t wait! Pretty close to the native there mate, fallow, reds or sika?!

Fallow and Reds. We took a fallow doe on lockdown day, she was 40.65kg on the hook (skinned out, hooves and head off and gutted) had 3kg of fat on her, amazing condition.

The reds were around yesterday, 12 pointer with his harem


That is big doe! Cool, be good to see a pic of him!

Here you go. The quad is from Gore, not in Gore, we are out of Upper Hutt. Paul from the Chop Shop is doing the butchering - great job.

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Nice! Plenty of fat on her!

Oh sorry, meant a pic of the 12!