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Sauer 100 .270, Impressed

A mate of mine asked me to sight in his .270 sauer 100. The rifle its self is much heavier than my tikka and felt rough while clambering a round. But I’m very impressed with how it groups at 100 with factory ammo

Thats 3 rounds in both pictures

Sweet groups bro!

How do you mean rough?! Rattly or scratchy?!

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It was difficult to lock the bolt down. Took abit of force. At first i thought something was wrong, again comparing it to my tikkas. Their was nothing smooth about it. Also the free floated stock was touching the barrel at the front :man_shrugging:
But its accuracy speaks for itself. I wouldn’t change a thing on it

Might be the projectile hitting the lands but wouldn’t expect that with factory ammo, normally seated back a bit.

True aye, don’t fix what isn’t broke!

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I ejected the round after chambering it to inspect for any thing like that. It would chamber abit better without the Magazine in. I also forgot to mention the recoil was amazing. I coulr sit behind that rifle all day plinking

its a .270 of course you will be impressed.
tight closing bolt…hmmmm factory ammunition…more hmmmmm
cant see any obvious rubbing on cases,I would suggest you get black felt tip pen and black an entire round and chamber it a couple of times then have another look.
years ago a good family friend had a ?Midland?? mauser 270 that would ONLY chamber norma rounds…if you look at norma factory rounds the projectiles look smaller than other brands,its like its denser lead or something…
other than that I can only suggest cleaning chamber well just incase something is stuck in there,like wee bit of cleaning rag.


Good call.

Thats a great idea with the black pen

I suspect it could be the extractor. I’ve had it on a Sauer 100 before. Its noticable when closing the bolt. Can take a bit more effort than it should for the extractor to snap over the rim of the case. Remove the extractor, it’s easy to do, then try closing on a round, if it’s easy after removal then you will know the extractor is the issue.


Ahh yup thats exact what it feels like when closing the bolt, but is not my rifle and it doesn’t bother the owner. He’s just stoked with the groups it prints. But I will pass this on to him. Cheers @Stacy_Whiteman

Same with the modern Mausers too, bit of effort required to close the bolt.

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welcome Stacy…a person with valid advice is always welcome around the show…

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Bloody oath, top man right there!

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