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Red dot on bolt action

Hey team

Has anyone had any experience using a reddot on a bolt action for Bush hunting, pros and cons?

I have one sitting around and been thinking about putting it on my 16" 308.


A good choice for reactive spook n shoot and equally effective to at least 200 yds. Small centre dot with maybe an outer ring would be my pick.
Basically a modern interpretation of iron sights, aperture or ghost ring with a fibre optic front sight like a shotgun bead would be as good.
The advantages of the red dot : people seem to be able to use them easier than irons.
You can shoot both eyes open, the dots contrast can be altered as needed. They are small and light and can be mounted well forward of the point of balance scout style which gives the shooter excellent peripheral vision.
Cons: they rely on batteries, they mount higher than irons so can potentially get caught up in stuff easier. If you have any eye issues such as mild astigmatism the dot won’t be sharp but blurred and teardrop shaped.
Tikka offer the aim point as a std package so there must be something in it.


Cheers Mark

This is what I have, it’ll definitely shave off some weight which I’m always keen to do

I’ll give it a go at the range and see how it is

I think that combo would work well in that application. You might have to add something to the stock to get a proper cheekweld is all.

I have been experimenting with a cheap holosun on my lever action and really like it, I’m looking forward to trying it out on some goats. After that I plan on putting it on my scout rifle which should make for a very light, quick handling rifle.

FWIW its a myth that you can only use RDS at short range, heres a video of Larry Vickers shooting out to 600 with an Aimpoint.


Thats pretty cool, Definitely be fun to try out at the range. If only I knew of a range that goes past 100m haha

Definitely excited to try the 308 with sightmark. Its so light weight