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Modern-day caliber fitted to mauser style actions?

I have a FN m98 action, and want to give the old girl a birthday with a new barrel. Any of you good fellas got any experience with something like this or could steer a man in the right direction? (Was thinking of 6.5cm)

I have always wanted to build a 280 Rem on an old Mauser action, I already have a 30-06 on a WWll Oberndorf action

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Do it, Din Collings built mine, 6.5 swede, timney trigger, carbon stock. Beautiful rifle. He is sadly passed, but a good gunsmith should have no problems doing this work. Not sure if shorter cartridges would work as well though?

I had my Husqvarna M98 actioned 8mm rebarreled to 7x57. Not quite a modern cal but the swap was smooth and the gun shoots really well.

True-Flite supplied the barrel and Dean Maisey fitted it.

The Husqvarna M98, is that the 640?

The length of the 6.5cm cartridge seem to be a bit shorter and fatter, would be good to get some gunsmith feedback whether the drop plate magazine would work

I think it is the 640 mate.

my 640 project

Very tidy. I’ll put up a pic of mine tomorrow, you’ll probably have a better idea whether its a 640 than I do!

When I first looked at rebarreling, I considered going to 6.5x284 but Dean mentioned that I might have issues with the mag and feeding.

Here you go mate!

Old warhorse right there, bet she’s seen a few things…

Sure has mate, done a lot of miles.

long case caliber for that rifle… .270 set up for 110 to 130gn. Shot one for years in that classic caliber.

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I got the same warning when I re-barrelled My BRNO 600 to 6.5/284. Decided I had to scratch the itch anyway and found i lost one round of capacity, which I can live with. Yep its not quite as smooth pushing up out of mag, But still acceptable.

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We need only need one bullet anyway aye mate!

Haha, Ahhhh Yep.

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You have one of the best and most copied actions of all times. I have two re barreled Parker Hale Mauser actions. One is in 300 Win mag. and is my most accurate rifle. You can rebarrel to any caliber that will fit in your 30 06 length action. Have fun.

Yup, Din made a few decent guns over the years.
I’m sure he wanted to hide in the blueing room when I came into his workshop with grand plans for some harebrained wildcat project. :crazy_face:
one that springs to mind many, many years ago was the 22-284 Ackley improved with a full length barrel blank, he called it “truck axle” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



Link to article here mate:


I’m new to the forum and late to this post. Did you rebarrel it?

I have a Mauser 98k in 308 (Israeli military conversation to 7.62 NATO), Timney trigger, sporter stock. Using high scope mounts and a little grinding of the safety, the safety works with a scope (Leupold VX3). It’s an accurate rifle but looks a bit rough.

I’ve sometimes thought of putting a new sporter barrel on it but with a new Howa 1500 not costing much more than a new barrel, I can’t see the value.