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Milsurps - A/C/P Cat

Milsurp collections!

There seems to be more interest in older service rifles now that we’ve had E cat rifles confiscated. Let’s show off the rifles that have seen war, and passed through the hands of many young men sent off to conflicts across the globe.

Of course, your now C or P cat rifles are acceptable too.


I’ll start with my trusty M91/30 enjoying some time shooting clays. 1927 Izhevsk Ordnance Factory, still accurate enough out to 100 yards. If only ammo was cheaper and easier to come by for it.


Yeh more of this please!

My VZ 58. Pretty sure it just sat on a rack until retirement.


Awesome photo! Gone now?!

C cat. Still got it.

Sweet. Good to hear.

What is the stock made of?!

Some sort of woodchip resin composite

Cheap to produce I guess.

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That stock set is very slick. Never seen one like that before.

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Here’s my no5mk1 Carbine that I got with my jacinda bucks I have always wanted one so why not …matching no’s it’s not perfect but bores mint and plan to take it out and get a deer with it one day image

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Yeh it looks sweet aye!

What year? I regret not buying very nice 1946 model about 10 years ago. Post war production so was in fantastic condition.

It’s a 1945 not sure if it saw service at all it’s a BSA build …I’m pretty keen to get no4 if I can find one for the right money

That’s going to depend very much on condition. From less than $100 to around $1800 for unfired no4 mk2.

Wow just imagine a unfired one …saw a guy on you tube unwrap one and clean it up

Yep, that’s what I’m thinking of. There may be an article on this site being published about them in the near future


I’m pretty sure a lot of people would find that very interesting…

Yes! I am one of those people.

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