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Lithgow Crossover

A mate is looking at one of these for his first centrefire rifle.

Anyone know much about them?!

Hard to find info. I am interested as well, and in the .22 LO1. They seem a bit pricey for what you get, but then you are also buying the history of a great Australian institution.

The impression I am getting is that Lithgow is pricing itself a bit premium for the actual quality delivered.

The Aussie media was a bit one-eyed and spruiked them, then went silent. Very little out of the US either. I get the impression the .22 is basically a BRNO clone, not sure what the centre-fire is, or how original it is.

I would like to know how accurate, how robust, how reliable, how smooth, and how well balanced they are.

Best of luck hunting information, and keep us posted

[that said, as a first rifle, and if he is a keen kind of chap, could do better with a Browning, Sako or Tikka, and save himself some cash, or go a bit more and get a mauser. I would suggest a nice second-hand rifle and put the rest into a good scope]

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Funnily enough another mate just bought one in .223 and it looks and shoots really nice from the pics he sent me.

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