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Isolation in fellow country

Well just to get the juices flowing, the fellow rut is definitely under way early this year. Stags are going for it up here. Have seen two young guys, one black one fawn colour both look to be 2-4yrs and the big boy I saw last year who is a beast of a fellow greyish fawn colour who the neighbors saw clear a deer fence from a standing start(impressive). Hinds and spikers everywhere. If only I could go for a hunt. Well at least I get to watch them from my deck. Don’t want to shoot any of the local mob. Hopefully won’t be long until we can all get back into it. In the meantime everyone get the gear maintenance sorted and think of the positive side, next years raw/rut should be great.


nice mate, wish I was down at my local fallow spot…

Thanks for the update Thomas, I am a keen fallow hunter also!

Great that you can see and hear them from your house, very cool.

The area I hunt in Te Puke is generally low key as far as the rut goes, bucks are there but just don’t seem to fire up much…