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Is Boot Resoling worth it?

I’ll kick off the gear chat. So I’ve had a pretty good run out of my Miendl boots that I’ve had for 6 years now. Paid a pretty penny for them but it was worth it. They are the best boots I have owned and only replaced the inner soles to date. But the time has come to look at getting them re soled or splashing out on new boots as the tread is getting pretty low. The question is do I get them re soled or buy new as I’ve had mixed comments on people getting their boots re soled and then they’ve fallen apart on first use. Anyone had experience with this before? Cheers

How’s the condition of the leather bro?!

I would say at $100-$120 pernyearbfornthe boots you have had a gd run. What’s a resolve worth. If ya throw $100 at them and get another 12 mths then donthatbevery 12 months, kinda the same as what ya boots value is. If you only get a couple of months then go new .

Hope that makes sense


I’d say 4-5 /10 for leather condition. Not sure on a rough price to get them done, even if I got them done and used them as a second boot for pest control and bought new for Hunting and big walks. Not sure . Be good to hear of anyone has had it done and how long they lasted etc

Yea $116 bucks a year is pretty good going. If it was a reasonably good price to get them done I’d do it as the rest of the boot is still pretty good. Leather is down a bit in quality and water proofing etc but yea I’m not to sure

Tough call! I guess it will comedown to the cost or resoling them. Do Meindl NZ do it?

I’ll find out once lockdowns over on what the gist of it is. And maybe price up a new pair. Size 15s are hard to come by I’ll tell ya that!!

Copy that. Haha, bloody sasquatch!

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Stager Sports NZ look after Meindl here.
They send boots that require re-soling to an outfit in Chch.
caveat - Stager Sports are rubbish with their support and customer service.