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I should have patterned

Im the type of guy, who once I have something that works, I am content to stick with it.
So for my bird shooting, Ive used Falcon 36gr 4’s for a long time. shooting through my Beretta U/O with half and quarter chokes.
This year I got given a heap of Federal 4’s to try. I went into opening day and shot terribly for me. But I did notice my second barrel was picking up birds.
In the end what was happening was the load was shooting much tighter through the half choke than the falcon load was. I dropped first barrel to quarter choke, and second to cylinder, and the results since then have been rather pleasing.
A bit of a timely reminder for me that I had got too complacent, and a little bit of testing pre season would have improved my opening weekend to no end.


Be interesting to compare the wads from those two ammo brands.

we are all guilty of that one…Im terrible at switching loads in the shottie…usually start day with imp cyl and change to mod mid morning and switch back for that manic last half hour.

Yep I had the same thought. Plus The federal load is a lighter load going a bit faster.

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Only time I usually change chokes is if Im switching from duck or pheasant, to geese. But even then I am starting to question if I really need to?

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