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Hunting beyond lock down

As we await further information on if, when and how we can get back into the hills, and that the roar will be all but over, what are your plans moving forward?!

Winter hunting may be on offer, so what plans that you had to cancel will you possibly be able to go ahead with?!

At Level 3, I’m guessing I’ll be able to hunt my local fallow spot. Hopefully after that, it’ll be back to Galatea for the rusa rut, provided it is open and of course dependent on what restrictions are in place.

And if that isn’t an option; Plan, C, D, E?! Just have to wait and see what happens I guess!

Anyway, with all this time on my hands, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my photo library and this guy stuck out for obvious reasons…

Although 2 years ago, it certainly showcases the trophy potential in there.


you keep teasing us with that rusa pic, man its a beast

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Haha, tell me about it! :sweat_smile:

Hopefully check out the local area - I live right on Pirongia Forest Park - supposed to be “some deer” in there but have never seen any or any sign - gets hit pretty hard with 1080…
might try an access point further north and have a look - would be really awesome if there were enough in there that they came out on the farm to visit.

Passed Pirongia so many times on the way to the Southern Kaimanawas but never been in there. Yeh gets hammered with 1080.

Level 3 means some of us and get out for a hunt or shoot!

What’s everyone’s plans?!

Ive filled the freezer, now just waiting to see how things progress. Duck opening is first priority- then if we see some relaxing of rules before winter really sets in, it will be a tahr hunt… hopefully.

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Good stuff Craig and yes a waiting game at the moment!

East or West for the tahr?!

Im a Westy at heart. Even if it means Ill get a wet arse half the time.

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Fair call, amazing region!

well I turned 48 Saturday…and Sunday being the first free day since lockdown is over I set alarm for 04;30 and got the gear ready for a cracking start… Roll Eyesuntill alarm went turned off and rolled back over to cuddle into warm wife instead Cheesy
got out of bed a 9…made cuppa.caught up with mate who picking stuff up from our place then trundled away up road at “gentlemans hours”
arrived at spot .let Meg out for a pee while I laced up boots,talk about a pent up ball of energy (the dog not me)she whinged n whined,I told her to shut up so she barked at me Embarrassed!!!
oh well its been hard on her couped up at home for months too.
anyway we headed off up hill quietly trying to regain our mojo…got to my now special place and once again I asked the big fella upstairs for guidance…his will be done etc…creasted first wee hillock and deer sign a plenty and fresh!!! snow all around the hills above this height and frost here but cropped grass with no frost,green jelly beans still warmish and definately NOT frozen Cool.
as always Im glassing the far hills and planning the next few hours walking…got another hundred yards and stopped and had a wee talk to self Roll Eyes Roll Eyeswhy would any SANE person walk past fresh deer sign with wind in right direction (for once) and not check it out properly???I will tell you why,Im only 500 yards from the wagon is why,its now 10;30 in morning…but ok dog we will have a look.
backtracked 100 yards and Meg was rapped to be going backwards Huhwe crossed old rickety barbed wire into some of the thickest crappiest,lawyer infested,fern covered windfall crap…absolute heaven to a bush hobbit and his dog…I kept whistling Meg back each time she got more than 10 yards ahead.she patient enough till we got to brow of ridge…then that annoying whine came out,I slowed down more,quiet growl if she whined,pat of reassurance,eyes on stalks,SLOWLY forward (Rumpy will tell you my slowly forward is akin to his run,dont believe him,when Meg this keen its low range fwd)she continued to wind strongly downhill,so I kept going that way,looking carefully everywhere…HELLO HELLO HELLO…whats that I spy with my beady eyes??? I do believe its two hinds,up comes rifle,scope confirms two very live hinds 3/4 away from me looking over shoulders,bolt goes down,post goes onto neck of biggest and poohseventy did the rest.yearling/fawn took off.I reloaded but didnt even try for it aswell.big hind had dropped like sack of spuds.kept dog semi close but very much under control…man she was fair fizzing at bung now…bouncing around and head bobbing trying to suss out where deer was,I followed protocol and walked in right direction letting HER find the deer…got out knife and took photo on cellphone…let meg have a bit of a chew/plucked half the bum fur,heaps of praize n pats.
cut back wheels off in one bit and boned out all the rest for gentle walk out…thought heard voices as I got out into open and sure enough there is two utes parked in paddock and 4 chaps sitting shooting the breeze and having a cold beer,not 100 yards from where Id been butchering carcass.
said hello and then headed home.
a glorious day to be alive on Gods green earth

just goes to show how many animals we walk past.


Happy birthday mate :confetti_ball:
Good work, she looks tasty

had small bit of back steak tonight,along with some heart…oh yeah,scoffemupdelishimo.

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Awesome yarn, well done on the veni!