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Howa Mini Action cut down Mag

Hi All
I have two Howa rifles, one in .223 and a mini action in 7.62x39.
Love both but hate the mag hanging down from the mini action and no drop plate option available.
So I bought a spare mag ($120…ouch…rip off or what…)
Then cut it down so it is much easier on the hands when carrying and when shooting.
Attached are some photos, all it needed was cutting out a section from the outer case and trimmed some of the innards.
It is much nicer to use now and takes 3 rounds which is perfect for work in the bush.



That’s pretty cool mate.

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Clever, if only they had used a twin stack magazine you would have 5 or 6 in your flush jobbie, and the 10s wouldn’t look like a banana had been jammed in there.

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That’s really cool mate, nice job!

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