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Hard to find ammo

Kia Ora team,
I am very interested in trying the new norma bondstrike for my 6.5 x55 SE but after searching all the usual good guys they dont have any supplies coming in for ‘at least a year’
Anybody know how to get ammunition brought into NZ or is it a major pain in the ass like i imagine?

Hey mate,

You’ve talked with NZ Ammunition Co I’m guessing?!

Be pretty much impossible to bring in ammo without a dealers/importers license I’d say.

The other option is to make your own by reloading.
Projectiles are easy to import.
Purchase powder, cases, primers locally.

I’ve been importing 3000-4000 projectiles annually.
Saves a little money, but guarantees me supply.

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Thanks guys, yeah i had a phone around and NZ ammo are usually really good but just no stock.

Im keen to get into re loading and will do it at somepoint in the near future but thats a deep rabbit hole to get lost in!

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