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GUNS, GUNS and more GUNS

Do you love guns?! Are you a regular shooter and/or hunter? Would you like to test and review some of the newest and coolest guns on the market?!

If so, then I want to hear from you.

I am after an enthusiastic and experienced firearms owner who is keen to perform firearms reviews for NZGUNS.

Its simple. We provide the guns and ammo, you provide the review.

For more detail on what is required to be a ‘guns tester’, please click the link below.

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I am so keen :joy:

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Sweet bro!

Been a heap of interest man, some very experienced shooter/hunters have applied. Gotta work through them all. There will be other opportunities!

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Haha no worries mate, writing isn’t a strong point of mine :joy:

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yeah nah…Im a bush hobbit at heart…50 yards is a long shot on deer…I have taken 3 at 350-400 but much prefer to look them in the eyes.
love shotgunning but Im the wrong man to testfire a shotgun…3 seasons ago I used my U/O for opening weekend and doubled more than once with it. Monday saw me wander along to my jumpshooting spot with SxS and again doubled.
later in week I took the pump for a wander and tripled with it…a fella shouldnt be able to do that…
if it dont fit you shoot like sh$* so all my guns fit me well.
ammuntion for shotguns is just so much a personal thing,what one fella swears by,the next swears at.centrefire ammunition almost as bad…at sub hundy yards if you poke it in right place it all works.
my pack is a 2nd hand K2Hunter…love it to bits
the tent is a huntech tunnel bivvy and love that too.
dont have the budget for expensive stuff and when the old good stuff does the job,well it just keeps getting used…
possibly why I use a penny stove in a hexi frame to boil the billy LOL.
look forward to reading the writeups by whoever you get to do the job…no harm in browsing and dreaming what I would “need” if won lotto.

Nice shooting with those doubles and triples Milky!

I have K2 Hunter as well, very good pack though I don’t use it as much anymore. Liking the scabbard type packs with internal frames more so these days.

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