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Gevarm Carbine .22Lr semi auto

Gevarm A2 .22Lr Carbine? Barrel shortened to 400mm to maximise accuracy. Aftermarket compensator fitted with blade foresight. Original hooded foresight included. Fully adjustable back sight.
Comes with one 8 shot mag.
Totally open top breach that greatly increases spent case removal.
additional 8 & 10 shot mags available
Also a number of other Gevarm bits!

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That is a very nice rifle!

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An early gevarm in what looks to be very good condition, such a pitty that it has been hacksawed. However your mentioning of gevarm bits has me interested what’s available?

Modified (police approved) now 10 shot
8 shot mags
All internals

Sorry Mark that should read 10 shot x 2 & 8 shot mags x 4

Are the 10 shots original 20s that have been blanked? If so got a price on them? I’ve got 4 of the 8 round ones already that came with my e1 but have my eye on an a3 and a 20 length one would look the part.
They are such clever quirky little rifles.

I have 2 20 shot modified (Police approved). $300.00 each cost $100.00 each to have them modified

Thanks but no, it’s just for appearence and that’s just about what the rifle is costing me.

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This rifle has been sold