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Favourite calibre

I know this is probably the most widely debated, controversial and thrashed to death topic ever, but let’s discuss it anyway!

For me it is the 7x57 Mauser, that mild shooting, all time classic. My standard load goes something like this:

  • Norma Brass
  • Federal No. 210 Primer
  • Sierra 140gr GameKing
  • Hodgdon 4895 or Vihtavouri N550

OK team, have at it!


I like shooting so I like cheap ammo.
That means 12ga, .22, .223 and .308 I’m not going to try and convince anyone they are the “best” (they aren’t) but they are proven, widely available and cheap to buy in bulk.

Also I think theres people out there trying to buy skill, those folks would be better off setting up a good training schedule and shooting more instead of constantly updating their rifle and kit trying to get better results.

It all depends on your experience and what you are trying to do. But thats a boring answer so my vote is for .50 BMG out of a M2 Browning HMG, this is a great set up for anything from long range rabbit shooting to hunting elephants in Africa the only down side is it can be a bit of a beast to lug about :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Interesting question.

I’ve only owned 3 calibres.
.177 Air rifle for bunny busting.
.223 rifle - entry level target shooting
.308 rifle - target shooting.

By number of rounds fired it has to be the .308 target rifles.

By most enjoyable rifle to shoot it has to be the off-the-shelf .223 rifle.


Very much so, good call.

.308 and .223, the bread an butter of cartridges! :smiley:


708 for me. Tikka T3, Stug carbon fiber stock, VX5 3-18x44. Shoot 140g berger VLD Hunting, fed primer, nosler brass, 43g (i think) 2209

Plenty of deer fear me



For me it’s my 375H&H, it will take any game animal that walks this earth!
You can load it with light 235 grain pills for deer sized game up to the big 350 grainers for anything big and nasty…


Ive had a think about what I shoot most and what I load for.

I think in order of what I shoot most of, its 44/40, 45ACP, .22LR, 12ga, 9mm, 45/70, .303 …

44/40 is used in revolvers and rifles - i currently seem to have 5 rifles chambered in 44/40. its a lovely versatile round, and loaded full house with BP is a hoot to shoot.

the 45 ACP is what i took my last deer with - with a delisle that Moritz Wassman built for me :slight_smile:

During Cindy’s Home D, I seem to have loaded 250 44/40 with BP and 350 or so 45acp with Belmont action pistol. I also managed to work out why my Dillon SDB wasn’t indexing properly (the ball bearing detent needed cleaning - thanks Youtube!

I also have rifles in 6.5x55 and .308, but it would be over 3 years since I shot the swede, and I am not sure i even have any .308 around the shed.

For me its 44/40 I


Going to have to go 45/70 love that cartridge shooting out of my stainless marlin sbl next is 6.5 creed have two rifles in that cal awesome shooters


The oddball cartridges getting some love, good to see!

Thats awesome mate, you win the internet for today :smile:

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I belong too two clubs but the 223 gets used the most in club shoots.
Shoot a bit of service rifle with the m48 8mm mauser that is great fun.
Still love using my 308 weatherby for sniper shoots on a huns head.
Mainly use a 223 suppressed or 243 suppressed for goats.
I reload for all those calibers and thinking of re barreling the 243 to 260 rem and buying another 243 rifle.

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The .260 is a great round mate, I have that in my Sako M591.

Mate that’s awesome I had a marlin camp carbine in 45 that was fully suppressed and took deer and goats with was a great gun and calibre

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Yup, it works well, I use copper wash 230g hollow points for hunting, and roundnoses for other shooting. 45 is a very user friendly cartridge, easy to load, forgiving, very little recoil, and been offing bad-guys and yummy animals since 1904! another Robert Browning invention :slight_smile: I always wanted a camp carbine, i read they were a bit fragile? In any case I assume the remaining ones are now “prohibited”… the Delisle is good fun to shoot, and incredibly quiet. Based on an SMLE 3 action.

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Yeah from what i have read its good as 6.5 CM. Couple of barrel makers in NZ i have talked to about getting rifle re barreled and one reckons 260 would be good choice.

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Favorite caliber depends on what I need it to do - however:
overall 6.5 Creedmoor - cant fault it for anything I need (although if i lived in the south island might go with a 6.5PRC).
most used: 22LR - would quite like to build a bolt gun with decent scope and work on some long range 22 stuff.
one I would like to own: 45/70 - havent really got a need for it but just like the Marlin 1895

most fun ever fired: 40mm M203 HE rounds

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The 45/70 marlin id like to own one day too. Like to find an old model apparently better than the new ones. Check out logcabinlooms on u tube he loves the old marlins in diff calibers.
Like wise the m203 is fun to shoot.

40 Mike-Mike! That would be an awesome experience!

+1 on the 40mm, did you ever use the GMG that thing is literally a blast, lol.