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Favourite bunny guns

Top one Izhmash sobol What I would really like
Stock Mcmillan STC meant for a 10/22 but re-pillared and glass-bedded Hand made 20moa base, custom very quiet silencer. ammo fussy likes win 42gn sub, Aguila 60gn SSS and CCI subsonic (but due to large diameter is tight to chamber).
3-18x42 IOR first focal plane sighted in at 70m, 50m aim 1 mil low, 90m 1 mil high and so one till 5 mils at 150m.
Strangely ‘killing power’ (can’t think of a better term) seems to be best from 90-150m. Rabbits at 70m or less dont seem to go down as fast with chest shots. Still getting full penetration well beyond 150m. So my best theory is the bullet is staying a little longer in the chest cavity a slower speeds that somehow makes a difference.

With practice it becomes second nature, if range is well known, to shoot out to 150m with wind that can push the bullet sideway’s 3 mils. For perspective at 150m that means 750mm of holdover and 450mm of hold off. Whereas at 90m put the 1st dot on the bunnies head when they stick it out of their burrow and it is game over.

I really enjoy a wander with a nice quiet bunny buster on a warm summers day.

Middle rifle Ruger 77/44mag
Bottom rifle Ruger 77/22 V hornet 40gn V-max at 3300fps the bunnies don’t seem to like it much either.

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Here is mine, Savage B17 .17HMR.
DPT can and a Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40.

No4. ‘Baby’ rolling block .22RF. I bought it best part of 30 years ago and had it rebarreled and restocked. Has a match chamber. Best day out ever I chalked up 111 rabbits in less than 4 hours in daylight.


That is really nice rimfire Jeff, bloody good effort on the bunnies too!