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Do I need a chronograph?

As per topic, do I need one?!

I’ve never bothered to chronograph any of my shooting but am wondering if I am doing myself a disservice here?

I’ve always based my results on the holes in the paper and have never really chased accuracy or velocity.

If you get the results you want, the results you need without a chronograph then you don’t need one.


Sounds good to me!

The reloading data and research has all been done before (for all but the most modern cartridges) and is so well documented that running book loads and then range testing seems to bring the results I’m after.

If you use a ballistic app you need velocity data. Relying on published figures can lead to errors as that data comes from test rifles not ones that have been chopped suppressed or otherwise altered.
At short range it will make little difference but at distance it will.
You don’t need a chrony if you can shoot drop charts to your expected maximum range. In fact even though I own one I still shoot verification as even the best app can lie.

Yeh I don’t use an app.

The reference to book loads is purely to get a load started and I validate every load at the range out to my normal shooting distances.

Agreed, not much of a problem at 300m I guess.

Thanks Mark!

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a wise man once said…
“many a great load has been ruined by a chronograph”

very sage words indeed…it your rifle shoots tiny wee bughole groups with a load and youve been killing animals or paper with it for years…and you poke it over chronicgraph and find velocity is down below what joe bloggs is getting all of a sudden your go to load isnt good enough anymore and you WILL change it…you WILL… human nature…like happily married man who gets given the “look” by sexy young woman at work…suddenly your nearest n dearest doesnt appeal the same…STOP LOOKING YOU DOPE… that path only leads to trouble…
up to 350-400 meters why bother…forsure validate your guestimated velocity with drops at range…but in reality on game,its not going to matter unless you trying to headshoot.
look at that rule of three chart again mate…you dont need to be rocket scientist to make that work for you.

also…you will start looking at things like E.S extreme spread…and you will convince yourself it has to be below 15fps…now go back into your book shelf and dig out copy of the sharpshooter…and see what Mr Grant has to say about what is a good velocity spread…and what constitutes a great load… the deer arent any smaller…we now have rangefinders instead of eyetrometers…we measure in yards or meters rather than football fields.
another wise man once said
“if it works DONT fcuk around with it”
as true of good loads as any other application in life.

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last one…
shameless plug for great website that has been a 2nd home for many years
www.huntingnut has a FREE programme called pointblank
I just use the one on mainpage/homepage its in box at top left…pointblank online…enter what you know and best guess the rest,it will give you your near enough trajectory and drops AND it does it in bush hobbit/truck driving techtard friendly way and draws pretty curved picture so even I can understand it…
if you tootoo with zeroed range…it will possibly change how you zero your rifle EG my .223 is 1.5" high at 100 now rather than 3" as it makes sense for wallabies etc out to 300…dont shoot over top anymore.
quick and easy to use…
over n out

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All good stuff Milky!

Yeh I could this becoming another ‘data chase’ without adding much more to my accuracy, for the majority of my shooting that is.

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