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Changing your username/alias

If you would like to change your forum username from firstname_lastname, you will need to change your alias on the my details page:

Once you have done this, on the forum, click your profile image, then your current username, then log out. Your new username/alias should now apply when you log into the forum again.

Once you have an alias, no part of the forum or NZGUNS website will show your name unless you remove the alias.

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Thanks for telling us how to do this.

I try to be careful when writing publically about my firearms.
Using an alias is helpful.

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Great post PastaWhiskey! I don’t see a way of offering suggestions on the forum to improve its usability so while this’ maybe not the right place, hopefully these suggestions help:

It would be good if creating a username this was part of creating an account - it’s not clear at the when signing up that the forum will use the listed first and last names as your publicly listed username until you change it… most forums allow the new member to create a username on the first or second page of signing up.

Also would be good to be able to upload an avatar instead of using wordpress’ system, doing the account with them, then having that avatar as a global thing.

Would also be useful to have access to the “My Account” page from the forum - at the moment the tab to reach the “My Account” page is only accessible by going to the Digitial Magazine page. I spent a few mins yesterday trying to find that via the forum profile page but it doesn’t allow access to the overall account profile to edit details. Since I found the forum profile page with account controls, I didn’t think to go to the Digital Magazine page and look for a second, separate account profile with different available controls.

The username will now be added to the registration form. I will also add a link back to the account page somehow!

The avatar could always be changed independently on the forum also. Anything with a pencil next to it under preferences can be altered.

There is a topic under Campfire called forum feedback.