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Changing a pistol's barrel

…and thereby changing the calibre.

Hello all.

I’m asking a gunsmith to change the barrel from 9mm to an (OEM kit) 22LR barrel, to save on ammo; as, more bullets to target-shoot per pay packet. Is this change something I need to tell an Arms Officer about and submit paperwork for etc?


I wouldn’t have thought so. The parts are prohibited, so you will need to purchase them properly, but I think the serialised part of the weapon is the frame and firing group. Changing barrels is pretty normal, and lot of manufacturers make a kit to convert a 9mm to a .22. (CZ for example) the barrel and slide are useless without the frame and firing group. Either way you still have one gun with one serial number.

I thought about doing this, but the dynamics are different, and 9mm isn’t that expensive if you buy in bulk from someone like Belmont, or reload. Let us know how you get on.

Thank you, I appreciate the response, esp. the serial number background; I hadn’t thought that through! I’ve bought the OEM kit parts here in NZ from the dealer whose gunsmith will also do the initial fitment - I’ll let you know how it works out.

Hello all. In case someone else needs to know - so, the AO tells me that there should be a separate serial # on the OEM barrel kit, and after it’s been fitted, I just need to email him with the serial # to go on record. I do not need to fill in a permit to procure or any other paperwork.

Still on topic - I see Belmont ammo prices are ultracompetitive and their ammo gets good reviews :slight_smile:

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Okay, so need to update this. In case someone else ends up in the same difficulty.

When I took the pistol in to have the OEM barrel fitted, despite what I had been advised, the gunsmith could not proceed and release the barrel and/or the modified pistol back to me, without a PTP. I rang the AO and it was sorted out by Internet and phone, so I could drive back and pick up the pistol the next day, but I still need to apply for a (retrospective) PTP to be “legal”.

Moral of the story: Paperwork Uber Alles :slight_smile: