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Calling all sika hunters!

Calling all sika hunters!

Over the last couple of weeks I have received several DMs and emails from hunters looking for information on sika country.

I’m always keen to help out if and where I can and while my own sika hunting skills are questionable, what I have done is cover a lot of ground in the pursuit of sika, for example…

Back Ridge Hut & Bivvy, Ballard Hut, Big Ben, Boyd Hut, Cameron Hut, Castle Camp, Clements Mill Rd, Desert Rd/The Needles, Dominie Bivvy, East Creek, Gorge Tops , Harkness Hut, Haumingi, Kiwi Mouth Hut, Kiwi Saddle Hut, Lower Ripia, Makahu Saddle Hut, Makino Hut, Mangatainoka/Mangatainoka Heads, Mangataramea, Mangaturutu Hut, Manson Hut & Bivvy, Middle Hill Hut, Ngaawapurua Hut, Oamaru Valley, Omarukokere Tops Campsite, Otamateanui Stream/Makomiko Stream Junction, Otorehinaiti River, Otutu Hut, Rocks Ahead Hut & Bivvy, Ruatea (Jap Creek) Stream, Studhome Saddle Hut & Bivvy, Te Pukeohikarua Hut, Te Ruatakaikare Tops, Thunderbolt Stream, Tiki Tiki Stream, Tin Kettle Spur, Tussock Hut, Upper & Lower Kaipo Valley, Venison Tops (Tira Lodge) and the Waipakihi River.

Some of these areas I have visited once, some I have spent hundreds of days in.

Anyway, whether your the most experienced sika hunter in the country or a complete novice, I’d like to help you discover some new terrain or find a new sika hunting spot.




Cheers Nik,

Spoke to you the other day about Mt Urchin and thunderbolt, cant wait to end up that way in June

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Hey Nick,

Yeh mate, you’ll love it in there! Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

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nice mate, ive tried a few times, just gotta put more miles underfoot I think,


less go uncle!

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Let’s make a plan after Phil’s trip

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Just decided to do a day hunt at Clements mill road this Saturday, weather isn’t looking to good but I am hanging to get out there, iv been there a few times with no luck, any tips or general location to hunt from?

So many options!

I mainly hunt from the road end and head up the Hinemaiaia Track.

Right now I’d look at quickly gaining some height early morning and listen out to see if anything is still on the call.

That main ridge on the true left of the stream would be ideal. You could drop down into either side of the ridge, sidle those creek heads and loop your way back to the car. Be a good day hunt.

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Awesome, Cheers .
Thats exactly what ill do :call_me_hand:
Its going to be good just to be in the bush

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tight gully heads with morning sunshine is the key this time of year and rest of winter. Need the elevation as its the first to get the sun and get rid of the frost.


Yeh man, good call.

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Thanks for the tips lads, heading in there now. First stop hamills taupo :ok_hand:

Good luck!

No luck this time, seen two but no decent shot before they spooked. I’m pretty sure the wood pigeons followed me around flapping and spooking the deer :joy:

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Good stuff mate, did you do that route?

Na i didn’t, the road end campsite and a few hunters parked up so I had a chat to them and they were all planning to hunt around the same area so I left it to them, I back tracked to kakapo camp site and headed south of the road looking for some northface clearings i had read about. No luck on finding the clearings. Plenty of sign though. I did see heaps of Rats :joy:

Fair call man, she gonna a busy winter in the hills this year!

The rats just running around in the bush?!

Just at the camp site mostly. Heaps of them running around once the sun started going down

True, that’s not cool…

I was wondering if I should report it and the location but I also don’t want to see 1080 dropped there :joy: thoughts?