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Budget Scope Options

I am looking for a scope for a new 22 Mag rifle due to arrive next week, it will need a scope.
In the under $500 price range I have looked at the Sig - Sauer Whiskey 3 in 3-9x40 and the Sightron S1 in 3 - 9x40.
Thoughts, experiences or recommendations ?

I got a couple of the bushnell AR scopes (1-4) on Ebay. about $100 each, great quality, as i have no AR one is on my Howa .223. I reckon it would be a good choice for a 22mag.

I have had good experiences with the Bushnells in 3-9 as well, they are bright, and the rainguard finish seems to work.

You might be able to get a leupold in that price range too. Possibly if you are lucky a Minox or second-hand Kahles. Nikon are out of the scope market, so you might pick up a close-out bargain.

Truthfully though, pretty much any branded modern scope will work fine.

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Good call and the warranties are great also.

Take a look at Vortex as well, I have had very good experiences with this brand and currently running them on a couple of my rifles.

Check out Broncos, they have a great range and good prices.

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I would look at the Leupold VX Freedom line or Vortex Crossfire’s - Either of these would be great

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A bit late in the piece I know but look at the rossi 22 mag review just up and note the comments about scope reticles.