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BRNO ZKM-611 scope rings

After reading Mark Wheelers excellent series on the .22 Magnum, I have pulled this wee beauty out of the safe.

It is a BRNO ZKM-611 chambered in .22 Magnum and a very nice rifle.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any rings (16mm dovetail) for it, does anyone have any that might fit?!

That’s nice I had its baby brother the 22 zkm 581. That took the std 11 mm rings. I’m suprised they used a bigger one on the 22 magnum. The cz we trialled in that review used the standard 11 mm ones.
Burris I think it is make dovetail rings that are ajustable on both sides of the mount, they are a bastard to get aligned I would imagine but should fit a 16 by winding the claws right out.
I might have one in my bits bin if I can find it ill take a photo

Hey Mark,

I remeasured again to make sure and it is 16mm across the top of the dovetail, unless I am measuring it wrong?!

Yes please, that’d be great!

Only seem to have one. No makers name. It expands to well past 16 mm though

All good, thankyou!

I’ll get hold of Kilwell and see what they have.