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BC for 150g soft point remington core-lokt in .308

Hi guys,

I’m hoping to work out the ballistic coefficient of the 150g soft point remington core-lokt in .308. Does anyone have any idea of how I’d get this?

Reason being is that in the absence of using a chronograph I am hoping to get a rough idea of my bullet drop at certain ranges if im zeroed at 200m.

I’ve had a bit of a dig around online but haven’t had much luck yet.

Thanks in advance for any advice,

Hey Matt,

Your typical 150gr .308 Winchester projectile will have a BC around +/- .420.

Without a chronograph, the only real way to test that drop will be on the range mate.



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Thanks Nik,

Plan to get onto using a chronograph/range as soon as we’re out of the lockdown.

Hope you’re well bro. Tough times at the moment not being able to get out!



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Yeh bro, all good here!

Sounds good, can’t beat shots down range! :smiley:

Hard! Hopefully get into some local hunting it the next week or so!

Hi Matt, I found these on the Remington website.
There was no 150gn .308 projectile listed only the 125gn and 180gn.
However there was a 150gn listed in for the 30/06 and 300 Savage - BC 0.314.

Hopes this helps

Thank mate, found the same chart but unfortunately didn’t have the 150 grain. Cheers for the help

listed at 0.315 here - you can get a starting point for your dope there by running the graph out

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