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A bipod just won't cut it

Ive been fortunate enough to have had a few days away on a place planted out this year shooting stuff. To say the grass was long is an understatement.

Almost all shooting had to be done standing, sitting or off a quad and as most shots were at longer ranges something was needed to give a steady rest and shooting sticks were the answer.
These were knocked up in the farm workshop in about 5 minutes using stuff lying around.
The legs are fibreglass standards and they are joined using two calf elastrator bands which can be moved up or down depending on what you want. They allowed me a steady rest when sitting or kneeling and when the rare opportunity for a prone shot occurred I simply turned them upside down.
I’ve never been a fan of bipods, I consider them big, bulky, weighty things that do the same job as a good day pack will. But I do like these, they doubled as hill sticks which was pretty important here! they weigh about the same as a steel bipod but give tons more elevation. Shooting sticks have been around for centuries and I reckon are about due for a revival.


Yeh mate, that’ll work!

Some great looking varminting country in that second pic.

looks great…Ive used a simple hill stick and held rifle off to one side before when shooting rabbits in similar length grass. have just bought a harris knock off from trademe…looks like its made of chinesium but seems to be doing job ok.
might have to pinch your idea with two fibreglass standards and try it out…

Milky, there is an upgrade available 2 rings cut from 20 mm alkathene one on the top the other on the bottom hold them together making them amore practical hill stick whilst walking and stop them from knocking together. Only takes a second to whip them off.
Another upgrade I’m contemplating is 2 groves cut into the front of the rifles fore end similar to those seen on ruger no1s to hold them the sticks in place on the stock freeing up the front hand.

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