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.300wm and The Bloke

Hey team

Here’s the tikka t3x elite in .300wm I inherited from my brother moving to Aussie, I stripped down my .308 to set this thing up then dropped it off to my friend Kerry Adams to sight in and get some drop data on.

Without actually testing some factory Ammo before handing it over (not so smart) i chose to go with Precision Hunter 200gr Eld-x because iv heard good things, turns out this Tikka didn’t like them so much. Neither did my tikka in .308, coincidence? Possibly to heavy for the twist rate.
Fortunately Kerry had some .165 Sako Gamehead Pro’s to try out
Below is the best of both groups

Once sighted in and some velocities from the Labradar the fun part begins, confirming the ballistics data out to 550m, below is a screenshot of some information provided by him at the end of the day

Usually you’d get the option to go to the range with him and do all the shooting yourself, but the whole covid thing has put that on hold for the time being.

Anyway this has turned into more of a plug for The Bloke than a “look at my rifle” post.
Surely I’m not the only one out there with no access to a range longer than 100m, plus it’s a pretty fun and informative day out for a reasonable cost. So if you’re keen to see what your rifle can do, check out

Whats your thoughts on using 165gr pill out of a .300wm, Stick with it or go heavier?


That’s a good start bro!

If it shoots well, why not?!

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I’m pretty keen to get it a Carbon fiber stock for it :sunglasses: one day. I like the southfort stock video you put up but I can’t get ahold of them.

That’s good but there is no substitute for verifying predicted data especially at longer ranges if the opportunity presents its self. I use a long piece of card with an aiming point and back off and shoot not adjusting the scope and using the same aim point each time. Measure the drops and compare with the calculator results.
Here’s an example a short range one done for a 7.62 x39 only one shot at each range not the normal 3 the 250 shot is marked incorrectly it was actually 235

I think it demonstrates the quite rapid loss of speed and velocity a lowish bc bullet at moderate speed has quite nicely.


Thats a huge drop between 250 and 300. This is pretty cool and iv always wanted to do it but again I’m still trying to work on finding somewhere that’ll let me shoot with abit of distance. I currently only have Nzda 100m ranges I can use.
From what I understand you can also workout your muzzle velocity doing it like this

Where are you based bro?!

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Auckland :joy: don’t judge haha. I’m working on it, 2 year goal to buy a block of land somewhere in the taupo/central regions. I drive mostly to taupo nzda range and just recently thames Valley DA range just to practice

As I said the 250 distance was measured incorrectly. Comparing the other drops to the predicted ones all were within half a inch except the 250 which was 2 and a half inches higher. So I rechecked it and the rage I’d shot from was wrong. I really should put permanent marks in the ground.
Yes you can calculate mv from this but a chrony is probably easier.

Haha all good mate!

If you’re ever heading down TGA ways, let me know and we can head up to the BoP 300m Range!

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Hell id make the drive down purely for that, NZGUNS range day coming soon? Haha

Ha, maybe one day!

If you want to make the trip, let me know and we can work out a day. :+1:

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Cool man ill keep in touch on that one :ok_hand:

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.308 with the sight mark. It’s so light and alot of fun, surprisingly accurate. Good bush gun now

Yeh thats cool!

Landscape images for online viewing mate! :+1:

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trying to verify velocity with drops has been tried and failed many times,it will give you a ballpark figure but there are many variables that can throw it out.
personally I am morethan happy with a ballpark guestimate of velocity,I then go onto www.huntingnut and use pointblankonline to draw out the predicted ballistic curve etc…oh so easy to use and by changing the sight in distance you can work out what is best for your type of shooting.
nice rifles ,hope it all works out well for you.