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22 RF full length silencer?

After 55 years of shooting .22RF’s with and without silencers I’m thinking of getting a full length overbarrel job made. Right back to the action using alloy.
I have a Marlin 882 with a Parker-Hale steel muzzle can.
Even with a 16" barrel the gun is longer than I like with the can fitted and I have already knocked a muzzle mounted silencer out of line with rather drastic results.
I certainly would never, ever port or drill holes in the barrel, but just wondering if anyone has experience with these?? (non-barrel ported full length)
I have worked out that more volume = more silence, basic fact.
Had a mate who had a full length model made by Rev. Roger but Roger seems to have disappeared off the radar… His silencer was really effective, just a sparrow fart noise like you hear in the bullshit TV movies.
The Parker-Hale is pretty good and better than most, but I’m sure the gun could be quietened further

the full length over barrel jobs do have porting Im told,they bleed enough speed off supersonic to bring it down to below 1050fps so they are quiet too… rev Rog doesnt eggzacary have good name insuppressor fields…some rather dodgy ones failed…
try winchester 42grn subsonic BEFORE you do anything else…I have run suppressor for years,but tried them on bare barrel and to be completely honest,its quiet enough to use as it is ,you would struggle to hear report from 100 yards away…so happy to not use suppressor at all now.

Hi Milky,
I only use subsonic ammo, about 3000 a year.
My mates one was not ported and was so quiet you could hear the firing pin click
Was on a Chinese bolt action with a long barrel that hadn’t been shortened.
I have seen one of the “shorty” ported guns that were sold in the shops for a wee while, that had blown out in front of the chamber and split the barrel and bulged the silencer big time.
I don’t know if Rev. Roger designed my mates one or if he copied it from someone else ?
it was an early one, painted not anodised and looked a bit agricultural
Suppose I should talk to some of the makers and see what they can make
Thanks for your reply

Mr duck is correct, the full barrel length supressors are factory fitted to dedicated rifles. Ruger also ports the barrel. They arent baffled and just rely on volume to reduce velocity of the gas.
You could ask the usual suspects dpt, gunworks, mae, etc if they make one.
Owning a 24 inch barrelled .22 the extra 4 inches its supressor adds doesn’t make that much difference it’s already long. But its narrow profile and system of moving baffles and springs is remarkably efficient.

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my rifle is one of the chinese long barreled ones too…just had thought,see if you can find one of the push on ones…round as coke can and sit under barrel…they VERY effective. my rifle came with tiny manders suppressor and havent heard any better,in fact for grins n giggle I fitted my .223 spartan suppressor to 22lr and it was not a great deal quieter…and was just as noisy with supers so abandoned that idea.

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I’ve got a couple. A Ruger 10/22 with a full overbarrel carbon suppressor I got off Bunnybuster out of Marlborough when he was still around, and a norico Brno clone bolt action full barrel suppressor.

The Ruger is noticeably louder, even with Subs, not hearing loss bad, but you can hear it, and more with supersonics - I think its because as a semi the bolt is cycling, so noise gets out. the norinco clone is worse made, but is very very quiet.

Tells me a bolt gun is the go if you want very quiet.