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2020...the late start season

well it doesnt look like too many rabid waterfowlers have been visiting this site,so I will put hand up and state the bug bit me years ago and wont let go…each season the anticipation gets worse…this year has been really hard as my biologicle clock is really up the poohs,it knows its past D-Day and we havent had recoil therapy yet!!!
I had booked off Friday and Monday for prep and clean up…when boss said nothing much happening thursday,the holiday form got whipped out quick smart…I SHOULD be getting the endless mountain of gear (its gear dear not crap my love)ready but instead thought to visit this website and say gidday.
all you closet waterfowlers can come out and join in the thread,let us know how the big late weekend goes for you.


Good luck for the weekend mate!

thanks for that…gear all sorted for once…only the guns and world famous bacon and egg pie to be added to truck in morning and we will be away…cant wait,camp will be set up and decoys set by mid afternoon,we will be able to sit and chill out,watch the sunset and hit reset button.

That sounds mint!

another AWESOME weekend was had by all
two possums visited on Friday night and paid the price…love using .410 for that job,so much quieter and softer than stell .12ga loads
mate who was duckshooting virgin got off to roaring start,shot two canada geese aswell as some mallards
we finished up with 33 birds for the weekend for the 4 of us…which is about eggzachary what we always end up with.

Awesome mate, sounds like a primo weekend!

Well done to the new shooter also!

Well we can’t seem to buy a bit of wind here for openings. This year was no different. More shooting going on in our area than usual. Our numbers were down by about a third, but 6 of us got 90 for weekend so will not complain. We make our birds into pastrami, and its fantastic, so can not wait till this years batch is ready.

Good haul for the weekend mate, that pastrami sounds all good!

I’m down for a hunt at some stage too if the offers still there! :smile:

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goose breast…cut into cubes,coated with either crumbs or edmonds recipe beer batter and deep fried is simply devine…goosetitmcnuggets
whole duck…cook feed of corned beef in the slow cooker,take out beef and carve for meal,take your frozen duck from freezer and place in juice remaining in the crockpot…leave it to sit/soak overnight…add a little more water if needed,turn on in morning and it will be falling off bone by tea time…if S.W.M.B.O doesnt like the smell of duck cooking in her house,simply put extension cord out window and place crockpot outside somewhere safe…

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Just waiting for you to arrive Nic!

Jeez Milky, that corned recipe sounds great! Also a hard one to beat is Schnitzel- Duck, pheasant, goose, Turkey and Pukeko all make fantastic schnitzel! Home made bread crumbs and some mixed herb, S&P and onion for the coating.

I’m keen! I’ve got a sika hunt next week but rest of the month pretty clear for an overnighter. What days are best for you?

Cold duck meat on thick buttered bread with salt, mint!

look up the no longer so secret 11 herbs n spices recipe and directions…slice duck breast into strips a bit more than cm thick ,coat n deep fry in the campoven…scoffemupdelishimo…

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We have a 10year old cocker spaniel who is legally blind…DONT GET ME STARTED ON DODGY BREEDERS…
Nugget has heart of a lion in a shit body…he has been retired from work as he gets lost and cant find his way home…or the naughty nose leads him astray and the ears get turned off for too long untill its too late…
anyway,as of late my heart has been breaking seeing the look he gives when he stays home and the big black bitch Meg comes out for ducks…so I hatched a plan…
today I chucked my big semi open canoe on trailer and headed south,down to Wainono…its been 4 years since last visit but its a place that gets under your skin,an itch that just has to be scratched,I vowed I was going this season…today was the day…Nugget was left in the terrano and Meg stayed home.
got Nugget into kayak and pump action in front between my legs,muzzle out the front and set off…paddled past mob of feral geese,they took off with hua of racket,no chance of shot…then paddled further around bays,found no flying mallard drake,he dived instead of fling so died…Nugget has company in back of kayak now…around next bay and found the ferals in bay…kept paddling and sure enough they took off and crossed the front .up came pump down went THREE geese…couple of finishing shots and the free board in kayak was getting low,nugget was running out of room so it was time to head back to wagon and lighten the kayak.
off in other direction we went after stowing birds in rear of terrano…sun roof left open…
after km of paddling into wind spotted another woundie mallard,it tried to fly but couldnt,2 shots later it stopped trying.wee mallard hen.all perfect but wingtip missing…colour of speculum was pure mallard but she size of a teal…
up and around we kept going,following a kotuku who was fishing along shoreline untill we caught up,then flying ahead a bit more till we caught up…funny to see it as not a bird Ive seen there before…he /she/it kept leapfrogging ahead of us not worried at all,then it took flight and circled us and flew off around corner out of sight almost like it saying follow me…WEIRD…anyway we rounded next corner slowly,close into shore,quietly and BUGGERMESIDEWAYS the shoreline was covered with rocks…or were they teal,heads popped up…MALLARDS lots of green heads,off they flew,down went paddle up came pump,lined up on drake and fired…THREE birds dropped AGAIN…didnt fire again,dont like to wound birds and know that under 40 yards is much safer bet…one hen and 2 beautiful greenhead drakes,they were almost purply black on heads,really intense colour…
nugget now had 4 ducks in rear half of kayak…we paddled a bit more but heart wasnt in it anymore,long slow paddle back through middle saw birds all around me but non of target species in range…scaup buzzed me swans kept 70-80 yards away and mallards let me get within hundy before lifting off.the canadas lifted off when still couple of hundy yards away…
got back cold,wet and cramping despite stopping at wreck of maimai for break and thermos tea…8 birds for a couple of hours for a couple of oldfarts isnt a bad effort…
if you havent paddled wainono,get down and try it…do it before you too old ,these things DONT wait till retirement,you dont get the same day back again…
elesmere will get visit in next season…
stay safe

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